Targeted data. Smarter plans.

COMBNavigator® is a planning and reach-frequency software that adds insight and productivity to the outdoor advertising planning process.

As an OOH media planner, buyer or seller, you’ll plan confidently with data you can trust.

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"With COMBNavigator® and the COMB Data Report, I can easily find the OOH information I need. It’s quick, precise and efficient. From data that helps me in the planning stage to detailed inventory per market or OOH company, everything is immediately available."

Jean-François Bourdeau, Director of Media Research, touché!


Software Installation

Please go to the Tools & Marketing page within the Member's Area to obtain installation instructions.


Note:  To use the COMBNavigator® application, your company must be a member of COMB and Numeris and be a subscriber to the NLogic-RTS Consumer Study (NLogic's RTS data is integrated into the Navigator application).

Demonstration Webinars

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Custom Training

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